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Detail, Empty Handed Leap

A Matter of Surface

Posted on 11.12.11

Common word, complex subject. Painters deal with surface every time they apply a mark. But the real understanding of this subject is an issue that seems to be less and less appreciated along with the understanding that first and foremost,…
'A Beautiful Mystery'

‘A Beautiful Mystery’

Posted on 06.07.11

This is the title of my show at Seraphin Gallery at 1108 Pine St. in Philadelphia. The show runs from April 29th till the end of June, 2011. Two and a half years of work is represented revealing exciting new…
Motherwell 1, "the more anonymous a work. . ."

Motherwell 1, “the more anonymous a work. . .”

Posted on 02.13.11

“The more anonymous a work, the less universal, because in some paradoxical way, we understand the universal through the personal”. This is the first in a series of reflections and musing on Robert Motherwell’s writings. Motherwell was one of the…


Posted on 06.01.10

Beauty in simplicity. The life cycle seen with great clarity and elegance.…
Creativity Unbound

Creativity Unbound

Posted on 05.16.10

Creativity Unbound is the name of the workshop that Bridget Morris and I created to combine the artistic disciplines of Painting and Bookbinding. We had nine participants in a week-long feast of fun and enrichment. We designed the workshop to…
Cool South American Street Animation

Cool South American Street Animation

Posted on 04.15.10

Raw, imaginative, provocative. . . art. Please watch both and everything else that BLU does to enjoy what the pure creative impulse can do. Inspiring!…
Fireflies & Flying Rabbits

Fireflies & Flying Rabbits

Posted on 01.29.10

Eileen Tognini is one of those people who’s energy is infectious and productive! She is a curator and connector. As she put it to me, she loves bringing art and people together and has been doing so very successfully for…
New Mexico Trip

New Mexico Trip

Posted on 11.07.09

This past late May, Bridget and I went to Santa Fe and the surrounding areas to learn about the cultural scene and local environment. Canyon Road, an intimate lane, stuffed full of Soho-like and local galleries, is a beautiful mix…
The Intention of Marks

The Intention of Marks

Posted on 06.04.09

What is a Mark? How does it function? What is its purpose? I have been asking these questions for as long as I’ve been using them to create my images. These considerations go far beyond a simple analysis of technique…


Posted on 04.28.09

Beginnings, new life, rebirth, resilient with hope and overflowing with vitality, spring is here! In this first post at I offer Magnolia blossoms reaching to the sky. For the last several years I have been treated to this explosion…
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