While creating, I trust in a timeless knowing that moves through me to see itself reflected in its perfection. I am a conduit for intuitional response and the expression of pure consciousness. The diversity of my work emerges from the qualities of each dance, resulting in compositions formed from a rhythm of improvisation through many stages of birth, death and rebirth. Just as each oak tree is unique with its acorn’s code tempered by the environments action, so too my paintings progress towards a singular coherence, buffeted by a relentless passion. — Paul King

Night Drive in Positano From a young age Paul King had a keen sense of the arts and was imbued with the inevitability of his life’s expression. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area from self-employed artists, he earned a BFA with honors from the Philadelphia College of Art and went on to study painting at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where he received a four year certificate in 1983. During this time, the Academy provided a fertile ground with many notable professors and an exceptionally talented group of fellow students. The Academy’s sophisticated training in technique and clarification of a personal vision formed the armature of King’s artistic development, but while successful and winning awards, he felt it’s teachings only as a beginning in understanding deeper philosophies about art and it’s relationship to life.

Feeling the need to touch the source of many inspirations, King then traveled throughout Europe insatiably absorbing all he could from England, Spain, Greece and Italy. These experiences brought a profound sense of his place in the historical continuum. He then went on to earn an MFA in painting from Boston University in 1985, studying with the notable Bay-Area Figurative painter James Weeks.

The following years were both rich and challenging with raising a family and teaching extensively at the University of the Arts, Moravian College and Swarthmore College while continuously producing and exhibiting. Through both process and philosophy King pushed relentlessly for artistic integrity and significance, the result of which was a natural and dynamic evolution from representation to abstraction. The hallmarks of his career, the unabated search for deeper connections and his constant striving for the highest quality, brought his work to a clarified point that is noteworthy while relatively undiscovered. King’s exuberant painting approach often utilizes unorthodox tools with a process that is completely improvisational creating a unique feel to each work. While consistent in voice, the varied solutions are a hall mark of his oeuvre striving to evoke timeless reflections of the complex human experience.

While gaining recognition regionally, with works in museum and international collections, he is now working towards national representation and more prominent exposure. His experience and maturity of vision have positioned his work to be ripe for discovery by inspired collectors. Evocatively expressive, King believes his paintings will become highly valued and seen by a wide audience appreciative of work that is reflective of our common search for meaning.