magnolia in bloom

Beginnings, new life, rebirth, resilient with hope and overflowing with vitality, spring is here! In this first post at paulkingfineart.com I offer Magnolia blossoms reaching to the sky. For the last several years I have been treated to this explosion of color outside my window and thought it a good place to start in sharing my thoughts, career news, and what ever wisdom I’ve garnered over this half century.

One of my favorite films is Wim Wenders, Wings of Desire. It is a film about the joy of life, its beautiful pain, and humanities collective experience with love, death and new life. The film centers on one angel’s path, who must ultimately chose between the vagaries of love or the divine neutrality of immortality. He and other angels listen to the voices of humanity in all its diversity and pathos, helping when they can, watching and witnessing all the genius of nature’s evolution. In one scene, the angels are in a grand library and they hear the almost deafening drone of humanities collective voice represented by the books and those reading them. It is a beautiful din and I think of it often as I watch our mysterious dance.

Considering that all of mankind’s knowledge is doubling in an ever shortening timeframe, now at about the rate of every five years, it is an amazing time to live! The blogosphere was one of the first new forms of communication the internet spawned and remains one its most effective. So in I jump, enjoying the warmth of the collective energy. My grandfather said that if you only get one thing from a book that helps you, then it was worth the read. I hope the same is true for you in these pages.

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