‘A Beautiful Mystery’


Awakening, 2011, Oil on Linen, 36 x 36"

Awakening, 2011, Oil on Linen, 36 x 36"

This is the title of my show at Seraphin Gallery at 1108 Pine St. in Philadelphia. The show runs from April 29th till the end of June, 2011. Two and a half years of work is represented revealing exciting new directions. I’m appreciative of Tony and Lorraine Seraphin for including both monotypes and oils because the language between the two has been pivotal in my recent development. My work has naturally evolved towards abstraction. I have always been enthralled with the interface that exists with a marks journey between its uniqueness as pure expression and its jump into illusion with its neighbors. This exploration has matured into a nuanced dance between form, surface and content.

As I have moved through different subject matter and processes, what has become excitingly apparent is the mystery that is involved in enticing the viewer into a unique world that is both foreign but strangely familiar in its primordial connection. In order to do this, I have had to utilize my experience as a representational painter, while simultaneously letting go of descriptive association. Through my tuned eye and hand, the openness and vulnerability of this process enables a channeling of expression that is greater than the parts, a symbiosis of factors that I cannot control, but let happen through me. An interesting balance indeed!

Painting improvisationally, there is a constant dialogue between a figurative tease while simultaneously letting go of form. This thin edge is where the provocation transpires. If all association is extracted, the result becomes decorative, vapid of connection. Conversely, if even for a moment, representation becomes too deliberate, the painting diminishes and fails to transcend. This is a maddening process, but for now, for me, there is no other place to exist as an artist. Happily, this tension is providing fertile ground from which to create.

Lean, 2011, Monotype, 16 x 12"

Lean, 2011, Monotype, 16 x 12"

In her review of the show in the May 27th issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Victoria Donohue states, “. . .King traffics in the once strictly delineated terrain where painting was painting and drawing was drawing and they seldom met, much less joined. He smartly combines the two, seamlessly and with ardor. King’s is a type of abstract painting that informs and reveals our humanist traditions as well as the art of painting itself. He’s making it work.”

Elaborating on her comments, embracing a drawing sensibility with painterly concerns relates directly to the stylistic collaboration between my monotypes and oils. Monotypes provide me with a direct path to explore my vision with intimate immediacy, which is after all, at the core of what drawing is. This has flowed naturally into my language of painting. The subjects that emerge relate to my passionate convictions of our unity and conversely, to the tragic follies of self importance. If I can speak clearly to this, while moving the cultural expression forward, then it will have been a good day.


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    Comment by Mark McQ — March 25, 2014 @ 4:27 am

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