Trauma to the Collective Soul


We are transmutable, permeable, ephemeral, swimming energy, not separate, not dual, but one. You intuit this, even if you don’t acknowledge it in thought. We can ignore, turn away, judge, but we can not escape effect. What happens there, happens here. The brutality and damage of ignorance begets as much ripple as the most powerful love. I do not close myself to others suffering, nor do I shy away from its expression in my art. My process is rarely pre-led by intention, rather intention arises through an openness to connection.

Paul King - The Forgotten, 2014, Oil on Linen, 70 x 50"

Paul King – The Forgotten, 2014, Oil on Linen, 70 x 50″

By and by, what surfaced was a painting referencing the insufferable violence, physiological and physical towards women around the world. It specifically harkens to the two teenage women who were hanged in Northern India. The image of their limp bodies dangling from a massive tree, as villagers milled around in confusion and pain, effected us deeply. What’s most shocking is that as a world populace we have not evolved past this.

The flux of yellow and green entwine two blueish shapes, obscured like the veil of a spiders web. The forgotten, but not forgotten! are those who daily suffer from insecurity and ignorance.

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